Bringing Future Housemates Together, Saving Money

What We Do

What we do is simple. We bring together responsible adults that wont cut expenses and share a single home. Some people call this ‘roommates’ but we prefer the term ‘housemates’ . With each housemate paying a portion of the rent and utilities, together everyone saves money and lives in a nicer, safer, and secure place.

Room(s) For Rent

We offer rooms for rent in multiple homes around the Detroit area. All rooms are furnished and come with multiple amenities such as: cable TV, wifi, washer and dryer, etc. Some homes even provide meals.

Prices range from $350 -$550 per month depending upon size of the home, neighborhood, private vs. shared room, number of bathrooms and length of Lease.

Home(s) For Rent

In addition to rooms for rent, we also offer entire homes for Lease.

The Application Process

7 easy steps to saving money and moving into your next home.


Want to learn more about Visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

How To Apply

To apply for a room for rent, contact us so we can send you an online application via a secure format.

Waiting List

If you are interested in sharing a home with others, please complete the waiting list form so we can notify you.

Free Resources

To assist you in the process of finding or settling into a new home, here are a few FREE resources that may be of help to you.